About Arangetram

Arangetram is a debut on-stage performance of a student of Indian classical music. It refers to the graduation ceremony where the guru presents his or her pupil to the public. Arangu means stage and Ettam means rising or climbing i.e ascending and performing/accompanying on the stage by the student with a well known artist. This performance follows years of training.

It marks the pathway for a student to then perform alone with other renowned artists. In this institution, the arangetram is performed directly on the stage without any rehearsal with the main artist which helps in proving the capability of a student and building a strong rapport and a good relationship with all of the musicians. After the arangetram , students starts accompanying all others artists and learn advanced lessons from their guru. This is the start of their new journey in life of music. Many of the students have chosen their path of career as a full time percussionist and musician and have been successful these years.

Students of TSN had accompanied the following artists in their arangetrams :

Sr.NoArtist NameInstrument
1Prof T N KrishnanViolin
2Padmabhushan N RajamViolin
3Dr N RamaniFlute
4Padmashri A KanyakumariViolin
5Shri Sankaran NamboodiriVocal

List of Students :
Note : This list only includes the student’s arangetram done from the year 2017.

Sr.NoStudents NameDatePerformance with the artist
1Sabarinath Ramachandran7/22/2017Padmashri A Kanyakumari
2Harish Dorai7/29/2017Padmashri A Kanyakumari
3Sanjay Natesan7/14/2018Padmashri A Kanyakumari
4Krishna Palya7/21/2018Padmashri A Kanyakumari
5Rishikesh Desikan7/28/2018Padmashri A Kanyakumari
6Eeshaan Rao7/29/2018Padmashri A Kanyakumari
7Jishnu Subramanian7/20/2019Padmashri A Kanyakumari
8Nandha Pon Sivakumar8/3/2019Padmashri A Kanyakumari

Arangetram Students